3 Proven Weight Loss Techniques To Reduce 10 Kg In 4 Weeks

You might have started wearing loose clothes to hide extra fat you gained recently or perhaps searching the internet to find the best weight loss remedy because

  • You do not fit into your favorite jeans
  • You have to look slim to impress your date
  • You are scared as it is affecting your health

When you gain weight, fat starts accumulating in different parts of the body starting with your tummy, hips, and thighs. You may have given a thought to join a gym. 

Let's be frank, we all start skipping gym at some point. Plus, gym is not the only option available at your disposal. You can always try the below 3 scientifically proven techniques to reduce weight.

Before that keep your WhatshalliGet app ready to prepare the shopping list as you read.

Include Protein Rich Food In Your Meal

Some people do not like to have protein because it’s kind of tasteless. But if you are really serious about your weight loss then protein should be on your must-have meal list.  

Protein-rich items include

  1. Eggs
  2. Almonds
  3. Oats
  4. Milk
  5. Sprouts
  6. Cottage Cheese
  7. Broccoli
  8. Fish
  9. Pumpkin Seeds
  10. Peanuts
  11. Green Leafy Vegetables. 

Research shows that having protein-rich food reduces the craving for junk food by up to 60%.

 The recommended daily consumption of protein is

  1. 56 grams for men
  2. 25 grams for women

Drink Green Tea

Green tea helps in weight loss and makes your tummy flat. In fact, it's the best beverage you can have any time throughout the day. Though it’s just flavored water but contains antioxidants and is rich in vitamin B, E, and C. The caffeine present in green tea helps burn fat and converts it into energy. 

According to the experts drink green tea 3 times a day for fast result. 

Add Garlic-Lemon Juice To Your Morning Breakfast

Garlic and lemon are the most effective ingredients which can be easily consumed in the following manner 

  1. Crush 3 cloves of garlic and one lemon.
  2. Mix both in water and drink before you have your breakfast.

 Garlic releases a hormone called adrenaline and lemon being rich in vitamin C, both combined together increases your metabolism and burn fat.

 Have it daily for 2 weeks. You will see the difference.

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