7 Reasons You Should Be Using WhatshalliGet App For Your Weekly Shopping

I was in Mumbai living with my sister. She used to work in Lower Parel and I was working in Powai. We lived in Prabhadevi (of course in a rented flat).

I used to get down daily at Dadar station and then board a bus or hire a taxi (whichever convenient) back to my home.

And Dadar, well it is the cheapest vegetable market. People do not always prefer buying vegetables from the mall, they are costly.

Why am I telling you this? Because staying in a flat is not easy, you have to take care of the household and manage the office as well.

And sometimes resources do exhaust on weekdays.

This Is How We Messed Up For 2 Years Without A Shopping List App

We used to discuss the items we need (in the morning) and decide who will buy what.

But, the biggest vegetable market also run out of stock on heavy traffic days. I never understood how hundreds of household resources get depleted the same day as ours.

Anyways, if I was unable to find the vegetables I was looking for, I used to either call my sister or message her (if she did not pick up my call), to ask if she could bring those items from the market near her office.

And if she missed my messages, we landed up not buying that item at all.

Few times we both bought the same item (Lady's Finger) and it got spoiled within a week.

7 Core Features Of WhatshalliGet App That Will Help You Manage Your Office And Home Successfully

If you are living with your family, friends or spouse and find yourself struggling between office and home, you should definitely use WhatshalliGet app and it’s 7 core features to ease your life.

(A) Create A Shopping List

Select the items you need to buy from the drop-down menu and add it to your shopping list.

(B) Add Items Manually

You can also add the items manually if you do not find it in the drop-down.

(C) Share The List

Once the list is prepared, add your shopping companion to the list (please note the other person with whom you are sharing the list should also have WhatshalliGet app installed on their phone).

(D) Chat

The chat feature of this app is quite different from others. You can start the chat with respect to a particular item. In my case, I could initiate a chat with respect to Lady’s Finger letting my sister know I couldn’t find it in Dadar and if she could bring it.

(E) Real-time Shopping Status

Each item on your shopping list has 4 options: I bought, I’ll buy, Not sure and I’m busy.

So for Lady's Finger, if I changed the status to “Not sure,” it reflected on my sister’s list as well. Now she can go to that particular item (Lady's Finger) and see why I selected “Not sure.”

Please note: If you have already bought the item and marked the status as ‘I bought’, you cannot initiate the chat for that item.

(F) Security

Security is a major concern nowadays with all the data leaks and scandals going on. Customer’s security is the top priority of WhatshalliGet. You can choose to permanently delete your shopping list and chat history and it will be deleted completely from the server.

(G) Avoids Confusion

This is the crucial part of any shopping especially when two people are shopping at two different places. With all the above features combined, you can save tons of your time, money and energy.

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