Are You Moving Into To A New Apartment? Here’s What You Need

The process of moving into a new apartment is often filled with so much excitement that we forget the necessary things we need for our new place.

Here’s the checklist of things you should absolutely not forget:

  • Kitchen essentials- These will always top my list because food is important, and if you don’t have kitchen essentials, how will you make food?
  • Plants- This is because we all need fresh air and little liveliness in the house and plants are the best way to ensure that
  • Books- Only for the people who like reading
  • Toolbox- For the minor repairs that you will have to make in the new house
  • Vinegar and baking soda- Yes, the kitchen essentials may include this, but the reason for separately adding vinegar and baking soda is that you can clean almost anything with these two ingredients
  • Emergency light- This is if you face a power-cut, you will need emergency light because you don’t know the house structure well
  • Extensions- For all the charging needs
  • Emergency cash- Always keep some cash in handy

However, isn’t this too much to remember. The kitchen essentials alone contain a few dozen items, and you have other things to remember too.

We have a solution for you

Your perfect solution for all the checklist items is WhatshalliGet app. Just download it from the link here, and get going.

Add the necessary items to your checklist from the drop down, share it with your roommate if you have one, and never forget anything on the list.

It is as easy as it seems, make a list of all the above necessary items, add it to your list on WhatshalliGet app, and avoid rushing to the market last minute.

So, hurry up and download the app now.

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