Are You Waiting For Sale? You Need a Shopping List First

I, personally, have a habit of shopping during sales. I rarely shop on normal days, but, when it is a sale day, I am always up for shopping. With this, most people like me also shop during sales.

However, whether it is grocery shopping or shopping for clothes and accessories, you need a shopping list first.

Here’s Why You Need A Shopping List

Some supermarkets offer monthly discounts on household products. These are specific-day sales which are held on the same day of every month. I shop there every month and stack full month’s necessities. However, earlier I used to randomly enter the supermarket, take a trolley, and aimlessly pick every item I needed. This way, I always forgot a lot of things.

On the other hand, when I went for clothes shopping, the scenario was a little different. That is because in case of clothes there is nothing like if I forgot to buy this, I’ll have to go again. It is just what you want to buy. But, I regularly kept running into friends wearing same clothes. It seems like everyone shops during sales.

The solution

To avoid both the things, I struggled a lot, but, all my answers were found in this one app- WhatshalliGet. This app lets you create shared shopping lists.

So, now, while I am shopping:

  • For clothes, I share my shopping bag with every friend easily
  • For groceries, I share my list with my roommate, who then informs me if we need anything else and tells me what I am forgetting
  • I, additionally, have a separate list via which I can analyze if I have bought all the necessary things I need

Download the app now, here’s the link.

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