Checklist for Hosting a Dinner Party

You joined your new job in a new city and you are scared how you will make it. So, you decide to host a dinner party when you don’t know how to do it.

Here’s your What Shall I Get checklist for hosting a dinner party:

  1. Get the email invites ready
  2. Prepare the food and drinks menu
  3. Stack up garbage bags, toilet paper, and other such essentials
  4. Decide whether you are going to make food or order it
  5. If you want to prepare it, then get the necessary supply
  6. Make arrangements for music
  7. Take Sunday for cleaning and plan the party on Friday night or Saturday night

And if in case you forget any of these (which you will), download WhatshalliGet app.

  1. Download the app from this link
  2. Add all your checklist items from the dropdown
  3. If any item is not there, create a new item
  4. As soon as you complete or finish a task, mark it as ‘I bought’ or something relevant
  5. 2 hours before the dinner party, re-check if you have done everything

Now, just enjoy.

Prepare everything in advance and take this opportunity to bond with your colleagues.

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