Checklist for Your Child's Birthday Party

Birthday is a very special occasion, especially when it is your child’s first birthday. If you are planning a celebration for your child’s birthday, then don’t forget these items from your checklist.

But, wait, first, here are a few things you should consider beforehand:

  • Birthday venue
  • Number of people attending the celebration
  • Your budget
  • Party theme
  • And WhatshalliGet app for remembering all the necessary checklist items

Once you have confirmed all these things- decided your budget, party venue, guest list, theme, and downloaded WhatshalliGet app- we can move ahead with the checklist items.

  • Prepare an invitation note and get it printed if you are sending out paper invites
  • Arrange a lot of tableware for food serving
  • Prepare food menu
  • Get all the items for decoration such as balloons, party hats, etc.
  • Buy return gifts or party favors which you’ll give out to the kids attending the party
  • Prepare a music mix for entertainment
  • Arrange all the extra furniture items such as tables, chairs, etc.
  • Get an amazing outfit for your child and don’t leave it for last minute
  • Get your child a beautiful birthday gift
  • Arrange a camera or if you can afford, a cameraman
  • Stack up tissues, paper towels, and garbage bags
  • Order a customized cake beforehand

Once you have gone through this list and reviewed all the necessary item, open up your WhatshalliGet app, make a group with your spouse, and add these items to the list. After anyone buys an item, he or she can mark it as ‘I bought’, and this way you can buy every essential item without any hassle.

Happy birthday to your child and happy planning!

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