Hey, I Am Going To The Medical Store, What Shall I Get?

Just last week, I was going to the medical store, and I asked my roommate, "Hey I am going to the medical store, what shall I get?"

Though she is not a forgetful person, she skipped her migraine medicine. So, after two days she had a severe headache in the night. We tried everything and checked out a few home remedies, which helped a bit. However, she was really anxious about her exams which made migraine worse.

She just won’t relax and I didn’t know what can I do. I checked every single medicine in our apartment and read online if that could help in migraine, but we had nothing.

The pain was so bad that I had to finally take her to the hospital.

However, all the way to the hospital I was thinking, all this wouldn't have happened if she hadn't forgotten the medicine. 

I Was Worried and This Is What I Did

I started searching on my phone for a solution and came across WhatshalliGet app. I downloaded it that instant on my phone and my roommate’s phone.

Now, as soon as we run out of things, we immediately update it on the app to avoid forgetting important things.

While these incidents have happened before, none resulted in an emergency. Additionally, I am somewhat glad that we got a wakeup call and downloaded WhatshalliGet app sooner. It is easy to use and we can also mark the item status as ‘I’ll buy,’ ‘I bought,’ etc.

Here’s your download link.

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