If you are tired Of Mainstream Chat Apps, Here’s What You Need

Can you imagine your life without shopping?

Here, by shopping, I mean everything including necessary household supply, clothes, electronics, and practically every other thing that we buy in the market. We shop for groceries, we shop for fruits and vegetables, and we shop for bathing needs on a regular basis.

However, is this experience hassle-free? Do you not forget certain items on your grocery list? Do you not forget about buying shampoo and then go to the office without shampooing your hair? Do you not go out for eggs and bread, and bring just bread home?

We have all been there. With so many things to remember, tasks to handle, and hectic lifestyle, the easiest task is forgetting things.

On the other hand, we buy similar clothes and skip on buying an extremely beautiful dress because it costs too much and you need a second opinion. So, how do you get fashion advice from your fashionista friend when she can’t go shopping with you?

I know it is difficult, and I have been there too. But, answer to these problems is WhatshalliGet app.

Now, I always say that this app is helpful and solves all your problems related to shared shopping lists and keeps you from forgetting an important item. However, many people often ask me, what is the difference? There are many other applications that provide similar functionalities.

Let’s see how is WhatshalliGet app different:

  1. First, after you download the application, you can make a group and add people you want to share your shopping list with. For instance, I have two groups: one, where I share my shopping list with friends for their opinion, and other, where I add household products and my roommate or me buys the product.
  2. Each item in the group chat has four options: I Bought, I’ll Buy, Not Sure, and I’m Busy. If my roommate will buy fruits on her way home, she updates the status to ‘I’ll Buy” so that I avoid buying the same thing.
  3. Whenever you add any item to the group, you get an option to show it to specific people only. Let’s say I have 5 people in my member list and I want to share a certain item with only my roommate, then I don’t have to separately make a group. I can simply show that item to her only. Hence, this enables a group inside a group
  4. Once the status of an item is marked as ‘I bought’, it becomes a read-only chat.
  5. After you remove the item, you have bought it or it is not required anymore, the chat history is deleted from the app and the server. WhatshalliGet app doesn’t commercialize user data and interests in any way.
  6. Let’s say, a message was sent in the chat of a particular item, and after that, the item was removed. However, one user was not online and he didn’t read the messages. In that case, the app keeps the messages for a few days, and if the user still doesn’t come online, these messages are erased from the system and server.
  7. The users of the group have full control over - how they want to share the items? Who they want to share it with? And, who will be present in the group?
  8. One-on-one chat is also available, and the user has full control over how he or she wants to utilize this functionality.

WhatshalliGet app offers various functionalities that are really hard to get in other applications. And its policy of not commercializing user data is extraordinary because nowadays everybody commercializes user interests.

So, hurry up and download the app now. If you have any queries, comment below, and we’ll get back to you.

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