Include These Three Items In Your Diet To Look Young After 40s

Did applying different cosmetics help bring a glow to your face?

Did the cosmetic make your skin beautiful?

Did your acne or sunburn vanish after having the medicine prescribed by your doctor?

If the answer to these three questions is No,’ then read on because I know you want to look lovely, young and fresh all the time just like those ladies whom you might have admired in a mall, in your office, or in the park but never got a chance to ask "What exactly do you apply to your skin?"

The solution is in the below 3 items which you should include in your diet.


Applying avocado oil to your skin do wonders, you might be aware of that. But did you know, including it in your daily diet is the best way to improve your skin tone, make it soft and healthy?

According to scientific research, avocado is rich in:

i) Carotenoids - It prevents early signs of aging, cracks, and wrinkles.

ii) Vitamin C - It binds the skin cells together to maintain firmness.

iii) Vitamin E - It reduces the effect of UV rays on your skin.

iv) Moisturizing Fatty Acids - Avocado is rich in oleic acid that keeps your skin soft and hydrated. The omega-9 fat regenerates the damaged cell, reduce acne and irritation.

So eat avocado daily for a beautiful skin.


Tomatoes are readily available in everyone’s kitchen. You use tomatoes in your salads, Right?

Make sure to add it to your daily diet as well, to keep your skin hydrated especially if you stay too long in an air-conditioned room of your office.

Benefits of Tomato

i) It acts as a guard from within your body against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

ii) Works as an anti-aging product and reduces wrinkles.

iii) As a paste, apply it on your face to shrink the pores, remove excess oil and dust that clogs the skin making it prone to acne.

Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A, C and K. Eat it or apply it, helps both ways.


A fruit you must add to your diet list if you really want to look young even in your 40s and above.

Our skin loses firmness as we grow old. Pomegranate helps to keep your skin:

i) Firm

ii) Hydrated

iii) Wrinkle-free

If you have sunburn, don’t apply any cosmetic or run to different doctors for medicine, simply eat pomegranate daily and your damaged cells will regenerate.

Pomegranate repairs damaged DNA, prevents acne and cancer.

The Conclusion

Next time when you open your WhatshalliGet app to prepare your grocery shopping list do not forget to add these three fruits and have it regularly.

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