Organizing a Party? Here's What You Need

Are you planning a party for the first time? Are you worried that you’ll miss some things?

When I organized my first party, I won’t lie, it was a mess. Things were missing, we were out of paper towels, and my washrooms were a mess because of no toilet paper. Additionally, my kitchen was all falling out of place because I forgot to get extra garbage bags, and everything was just lying here and there. Though we had fun, mismanagement totally ruled out everything. Since then, I always make a checklist first in WhatshalliGet app and then proceed.

Here’s your ultimate checklist for planning a party

  • Make a list of who you are going to invite
  • Check on the dates most feasible to your guests and you
  • Make a list of food, including drinks and beverages
  • Write a short invitation message and send it out
  • Make a list of things you need to shop (snacks, decorations, etc.)
  • Don’t forget to call the caterer
  • Arrange extra furniture needed
  • Plan a music list
  • Stack up tissues and paper towels
  • Stack up garbage bags

Now, don’t waste time writing all this down or taking a print. Open WhatshalliGet app and start adding these items to the list.

Let’s see how you can do it

  • Download the app from this link
  • Make a group with the people you are organizing the party with
  • Start adding these items to the group
  • A person who can bring a certain item will update the status of the item to ‘I’ll buy’
  • Once everything is bought, you can recheck once again and delete the items

This way you won’t forget anything on the checklist, and you’ll avoid buying things multiple times.

Download the app today and never forget anything on your checklist.

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