What Shall I Get: Trying To Redecorate Your Room? What Shall I Get: Trying To Redecorate Your Room?

My roommate and I keep redecorating our house to break the monotony, to do something new, and feel different. So, this time we decide to redecorate our living area. Both of us were highly excited but we knew we are going to need some supplies. I volunteered to go to the store sometime later and fetch it.

Sometime around evening, I stepped out of my room and asked my roommate, “What shall I get?”

She yelled, “Write it down.”

  • Duct tape
  • Snacks
  • Wall sticker
  • Blue paint
  • Some LED lights
  • A bookshelf
  • New cushion covers
  • New vase
  • And food

While I writing it down at super speed, I guess, I must have missed some things.

I forgot getting the food and snacks. Though she was okay with it, I was tired and wanted to munch on something. And when later we were finished with the work, we didn’t have the strength to prepare food. So, we slept early. Actually, I didn’t and I was mad at myself and tried some food delivery services, but everything was closed.

I came across an app WhatshalliGet. Well, the name seems so familiar, which is why I downloaded it instantly.

What is Whatshalliget App?

This app helps you to make a shared list of items and you can further mark the status (I bought, I’ll buy, etc.) to clear confusion. In fact, we, now, have a group of friends wherein we share clothes for an opinion from everyone. When I need an opinion specifically from my roommate, I don’t need to make another group. I can simply select whom to show a particular item to.

Download the app from this link and start exploring it.

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