WhatshalliGet: Checklist for New Job

Tomorrow is the first day of my first job. I am panicking, and I don’t know what to do?

If that sounds familiar, then here’s what you need to do.

First of all, download WhatshalliGet app and start adding these things to your list on the app.

Checklist for First Day at Job

  • Select the outfit
  • Relevant footwear and accessories
  • Book a cab in advance
  • Set the alarm now
  • Decide breakfast menu
  • Decide what you will take for lunch
  • Take a water bottle with you
  • Gather all your documents
  • Stack up things in your bag

Now, quickly add these items to your list, go out whenever you can to buy these things, and get some sleep.

WhatshalliGet app keeps you from forgetting essential items. You just need to add all the items in the app whenever you remember you need to buy these items. Once you buy them, just delete the item, or move the status to I bought and the history will be deleted from the server.

So, prepare your WhatshalliGet list and minimize first day panic.

Here’s your link for downloading and exploring the app.

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