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Under the hood

The WhatshalliGet app has been meticulously designed by a young like-minded team who have taken their previous experiences and designed a powerful all-encompassing experience which we are confident you will love. Unlike many other applications; the WhatshalliGet team thrive from your feedback and aim to further enhance its application to heighten the normally mundane task of shopping and social media.


The WhatshalliGet experience presents an organized approach enabling shoppers to swiftly enter and exit a store, pick up exactly what you need and not hoodwink you by showing other non-essential items.

Money Saving

The designers of WhatshalliGet are confident that by trusting in the power and precision of our application that you can reduce the cost of your shopping expense by between 20% to 25% each time you use the application.

Makes Shopping Fun

With WhatshalliGet, there is no reason to be frazzled figuring out what you may or may not have at home. WhatshalliGet guides you precisely as to what the essential items are you need at home and you manage to socialize at the same time.

Inspired Input

With WhatshalliGet, everyone, whether at home or in their office can add items to the shopping list and everyone has equal participation to the point of that item is added to your cart. Everyone has the ability to add their own items of choice and comments accordingly.


Who buys what; with WhatshalliGet once the item is added, every member and/or group participating in the shopping experience can comment on each item and update availability to your family or friends.

Group Chat

WhatshalliGet engages you into fun group chats with your contacts for one or all items until you decide to buy the item. This ensures you constantly stay in touch with your friends and family.

Private chat

WhatshalliGet also provides you with a private chat facility allowing you to stay close to your personal contacts and continue those essential discussions without having to switch to another application.


No need to flip between applications as you can send photos and voice Messages to your contacts directly through the WhatshalliGet app.

No Fees

WhatshalliGet uses your device Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message friends and family. There are no subscription fees or annoying Ads whilst using the WhatshalliGet App.

No International Charges

there are any extra charges to send WhatshalliGet messages internationally, so you can comfortably chat with your friends and family all around the globe.

Always Logged In

You're always logged into WhatshalliGet to ensure you never miss out on any item of need, shopping request, photos, or voice messages. No more confusion about whether you're logged in or logged out or missing an opportunity to purchase a great item or indeed interact ‘real-time’ with your friends and family and all from within the WhatshalliGet application.

Fast Connection to Your Contacts

Your address book is scanned to quickly and easily connect you with other contacts that are already experiencing the delights of WhatshalliGet; so there is no longer a requirement to remember those sometimes awkward usernames.